Come on by the Campus Christian Center, Monday-Friday between 9:30am and 4:30pm or during scheduled event times!

The CCC has offices, a conference room, a lounge, a kitchen, a worship space, and a central area for meals.

UofA students:

Feel free to stop by and find a welcoming "home away from home" where you can hang out, do homework, take a nap, meet new people, or just relax. Free WI-FI Available!


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The Campus Christian Center (CCC) is located at the corner of Park & University! 


                                                    at the  University of Arizona


‚ÄčThe CCC houses Four University of Arizona ministries that are recognized student clubs. Each ministry has an ordained clergy, chaplain, or director from their denomination.

They have their offices here and use the CCC for their worship and other activities. Various programs are offered for students, including: 

  • Worship
  • Bible studies
  • Service projects
  • Retreats
  • Fellowship
  • Social activities